Revolutionize Your 2024 Blogging Strategy with 26 Creative and Affordable Tips

Boost your 2024 blogging game! Uncover 26 creative, cost-effective strategies to revolutionize your blog's reach and engagement.

Looking to give your 2024 blogging strategy a makeover? You’re in luck! As a seasoned creative director in a budget-friendly video production agency, I’ve seen firsthand how high-quality, cost-effective video marketing can totally revolutionize digital strategies – especially for businesses tight on budget but big on vision.

Create A Storytelling Video

Tip 1: Start with a Strong Narrative

Storytelling is a timeless vehicle to captivate audiences. I once helped a vegan café hit record sales simply by showcasing the owner’s journey from a love of fast-food to discovering veganism. Audiences have never been more hungry for authentic, relatable stories that allow them to connect with your brand on a more personal level.

Tip 2: Keep them Short and Sweet

Remember, digital users these days have the attention span of a goldfish. I recommend keeping your storytelling videos under 2 minutes for optimal engagement.

Tip 3: Use Captions

A few years ago, I was working on a video that had very low engagement rates. The issue? More than half of video viewers were watching it without sound. Ever since I have recommended all my clients to use captions in their videos.

Engage With Explainer Videos

Tip 4: Use Animated Explainer Videos

High-tech doesn’t have to mean high-cost. I’ve created dozens of affordable, compelling animated explainer videos that just hit differently. They’re great for simplifying complex topics or for brands who want to maintain a fun and youthful image.

Tip 5: Use How-to Videos

I’ve helped many small businesses boost their products with simple how-to videos. They are a great way to show potential customers why they need your product and how to use it.

Leverage Video Testimonials

Tip 6: Ask for Video Testimonials

In this day and age, people trust people more than they trust brands. Video testimonials are an absolute game-changer; they provide social proof and build trust. I’ve seen a homemade salsa company triple its online sales using just well-placed video testimonials.

Boost SEO With Video Content

Tip 7: Host Videos on Your Own Domain

To maximize your SEO benefits, I recommend hosting videos on your own domain before uploading them on sharing sites. This ensures Google indexes your content first, not the giant video-sharing site.

Tip 8: Create a Video Sitemap while You’re at it

This seems techy, but trust me, it’s essential. It helps Google understand more about your video content, ultimately helping boost your website’s SEO.

Tip 9: The thumbnail is King

One key trick I always use is creating stunning thumbnails. They pull users into your video content the same way a book cover does to a book.

Tip 10: Engage Your Viewers with Interactive Videos

Remember, the more people interact with your videos, the more you get noticed by Google’s algorithms. I’ve helped brands skyrocket their SEO rankings through interactive videos like quizzes or choose-your-own-adventure style exploration of products.

Social Media Videos

Tip 11: Customize Videos for Each Platform

Whether it’s a vertical video for Instagram or a compelling cover video for your Facebook page, I always advise businesses to tailor videos according to platform preferences.

Tip 12: Utilize Live Videos

Live videos can be a game-changer. I’ve seen brands double their reach just by going live regularly.

And trust me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for 14 more tips to make 2024 your year of the video, click here to head over to my Fiverr gig. Here at mikevann, we specialize in creating tailored, affordable, and innovative video solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let’s make your vision come to life!


2024 is fast approaching, and there’s no doubt that video is set to take a leading role in any successful blogging strategy. By implementing these creative and affordable video marketing tips, you’ll surely stay head and shoulders above your competitors. Can’t wait to see where your strategy takes you!



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