Supercharge Your Marketing: Discover the 5 Best YouTube Pre-Roll Videos

Boost your marketing game! Explore our top 11 YouTube pre-roll videos that can transform your strategy and increase engagement rates.


Hello! As someone who has been living and breathing video production as a creative director at a thriving, budget-friendly video production agency on for years, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that pre-roll YouTube videos are hands down an incredibly powerful component of successful marketing strategies today.

What Are Pre-Roll Videos?

Before we delve into the best examples, let’s quickly cover our bases. In its simplest form, a pre-roll video is a short, compelling video advertisement that plays before the video content a viewer has selected on YouTube. These are typically 15 to 30 seconds long and, if done well, can strongly imprint your brand’s message on the viewer.

The 11 Best YouTube Pre-Roll Videos

Alright, now onto the juicy part – the best pre-roll ads that have graced YouTube! While there are countless fantastic examples out there, these 5 stand out for their creativity, engagement, and overall effectiveness.

1. Geico’s “Unskippable” Campaign

Arguably one of the most unforgettable pre-roll ads of all time, Geico’s “Unskippable” campaign was a hit. With humor and smart messaging, the ad ends just before the viewer can skip it. This ad proves that both brevity and humor can be a winning combination.

2. Grammarly’s Product Benefit Focused Videos

Rather than simply producing a broad, generic advertisement, Grammarly opted for creating product-specific pre-rolls. These videos effectively demonstrate the functionality and benefits of their software. If your product or service solves a problem, don’t be shy – show it off!

3. Squarespace’s “Make It” Videos

Squarespace’s pre-roll ads were another example of superb storytelling. By showcasing stories of artists, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals who have used their platform to create stunning websites, they’ve successfully humanized their brand.

4. Samsung’s Quirky “It’s Not A Phone, It’s A Galaxy” Campaign

This one, I remember, made me laugh out loud. Samsung did an exceptional job of showcasing its brand’s uniqueness with a playful, humorous approach.

5. Snickers’ “You’re Not on YouTube”

Taking us by surprise, Snickers’ pre-roll ad doesn’t even seem like an ad until the very end. It’s these unexpected, quirky elements that engage viewers and leave a lasting impression.

I could go on, but these five examples speak volumes on what can be achieved with pre-roll videos.

Why Pre-Roll Ads Work

At the core, successful pre-roll ads are about storytelling and connection. They capture the attention of viewers quickly, engage them and, ultimately, drive action. They also provide ample opportunity for creative and brand-expressive storytelling. Think about it, if Geico or Grammarly had turned to mere written content instead, would they have made the same impact? Probably not.

The Best Pre-Roll Ads: What Do They Teach Us?

While each ad is unique, some common threads run through all successful pre-roll videos: clarity, engagement, brevity, and relevance. Don’t shy away from direct messaging or humor. Try to tell a story within the short time frame and remember, quality over length!


At the end of the day, creating pre-roll ads is an art – but one that’s well worth the effort. As a creative director, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a brand’s vision come to life.

Feeling inspired to take your marketing to the next level? Great! Whether you have an ad concept ready, or you need some guidance, don’t hesitate to connect. As an experienced video producer on Fiverr, I can help you craft memorable pre-roll ads that resonate.

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