Unlock the Ideal Word Count for Your 60-Second Custom Video Marketing

Discover the perfect word count for your 60-second video marketing. Unlock secrets to perfectly timed, engaging videos in our blog post.

Floating in the Sea of Video Content

Remember that moment as a kid when your teacher implored you to make your essays lengthy? As a seasoned creative director at a video production agency on, I implore the opposite: Keep it short and sweet. Not because long content isn’t valuable, but because, in the world of video marketing, every second performs like a gold dusted avant-garde dancer on stage. The audience’s attention is a hot commodity and time is money.

Capturing the Essence of Your Brand in 60 Sec

As a bit of backstory, I’ve been making digital films for a decade, and through these years, I’ve learned to economize storytelling without sacrificing the message. Every business has a story, and condensing that into a 60-second video might seem like a daunting task. But here’s the magic – it’s not about how many words you can cram in, but in choosing the right ones.

Finding the Ideal Word Count

Fit to the Beat of Industry

For commercials, voice-overs, or explainer videos, the reasonable range exists between 140-160 words per minute. However, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule. The pace of your script should suit your brand voice. An urgent, high-energy promotion for a fitness brand might require a faster pace, while a relaxed, intimate commercial for a chic boutique might benefit from a more measured tempo. Cue in my personal anecdote, working on a campaign for a global wine brand, I used a slow, dreamy narrative stacked with descriptive charm – the output was stunning!

The Essence of Power Words

Use power words. They are particularly riveting and incite reactions. Words like “you,” “free,” “save,” “new,” “results,” can engage and motivate views into action. Like in a persuasive essay, the right choice of words can dictate your video’s final impact.

Focusing on the Value

You can often miss the forest for the trees. Instead of focusing on hitting a particular word count, center your script on conveying the value your product or service brings. In 2009, I worked on a project with a nutrition brand; the brief came in cram-packed. The challenge was to slim down the concept while still highlighting the benefits and features — it’s a fun exercise in brevity.

Minor Details That Make a Major Difference

Adding in Pauses

Never forget, pauses are a crucial part of your script. They give your viewers a second to digest the information and add dramatic impact. So, always factor in some pause time within your 60 seconds.

Transcending Words

Ultimately, your video’s message isn’t solely dependent on words. Visuals, motions, colors, all play an integral role in building the storyline. Cue in, 2014 project with an artisanal soap brand. The visual strategy was to immerse the viewer in the handcrafting process — very few words, yet the message was potent and full of zen.

Reaching the Endgame

Honing a concise and compelling script for a 60-second video is a blend of art and science. Over the years, I’ve found that the best way to achieve this is to understand your brand’s core values. Condense that into a potent mix of power words, strategize visuals, and allow your brand ethos to shine through each frame.

For every second of your video, what matters most is not the number of words but the resonance of the message. And there begins the beauty of video marketing — telling tales that weave into the viewers’ mindscapes, creating memory traces, and compelling action.

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